Casos con Touareg CloseFit ™ UNPNP

por: Ziv Mazor D.M.D

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Caso 3 – rehabilitación total superior con pilares TMA ™ fija sobre 5 implantes

A 73 year old female patient wearing a full denture for the past 30 years, presented with a request to get a more stable prosthetic solution.
Patient refused to undergo sinus augmentation procedures.
Treatment plan consisted of placing five Adin Touareg CloseFit™ NP 3.0mm narrow diameter implants in the anterior zone combined with sub nasal floor elevation.
6 months post op implants were uncovered.
Trans Mucosal Abutments were placed and an impression for a CAD/CAM titanium based screw retained bridge was taken.
Patient was highly satisfied with the prosthetics and had been followed up for 3 years.

Descargar casos en PDF